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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Flying High

Well, the Red Wings are starting to act like the Red Wings again, defeating the Blues 3-2 on Saturday night, and then taking care of Calgary last night, 3-2. All of a sudden, we are not wearing a path to the penalty box, and we are starting to win, what a coincidence... Anyway, we go up against Chicago tonight, and look to make it 5 wins in a row. We still have tons of room for improvement, as we are currently ranked 27th in both power play and penalty kill categories, when we are usually in the top 5 for both, but as long as we keep improving throughout the year, we will be in good shape.

The Pistons opened up their season last night with a 105-97 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks at home. This loss included giving up 70 points in the paint, which is a ridiculous amount. I guess we may miss Ben Wallace a little bit this year, eh? (just in case you haven't been keeping up, Big Ben now chimes for the Chicago Bulls. Well, we were not about to pay him 60 mil for 5 years. That's ludicrous.)

Arsenal drew 0-0 with CSKA Moskva yesterday in the Champions' League. How did they draw? By missing loads of chances to put the ball in the net, that's how. A terrible shooting display. We were missing the ocean from the dock. Absolutely horrible. Ugh. And we were lucky not to lose this one on one of the fluke forays that CSKA had into Arsenal territory. But as it stands, we win out, we will still make it into the last 16 of the Champions' League, and then the fun REALLY begins.

And finally, we end with the Tigers. President andGM Dave Dombrowski has just agreed to a 4-year extension on his contract, which will see him in those roles until 2011 for the team. This had to be done, and ASAP, and I'm glad that Dombrowski and Tigers owner Mike Ilitch could work this out.

Also, the gold gloves were handed out today, marking the best fielders in their position for the American League, and two Tigers have won the prestigious award. C Ivan Rodriguez has won his 12 gold glove, setting a record for most gold gloves won by an individual. He was joined by P Kenny Rogers, who won his 5th. I personally think that 3B Brandon Inge should've won a gold glove as well, but there are some people who disagree with me (mainly because of his 20+ errors, but the way I look at it is if you have the most attempts, you will have the most errors, but whatever). Eric Chavez of the Oakland A's won the award for 3rd basemen. And that's it.


Anonymous James said...

Just a couple of stats to highlight why I don't believe that Inge should have won the gold glove (even though I think he's a great defender). Inge's fielding % was .960 and he had 22 errors on the season. Eric Chavez, who won the gold glove, had a fielding % of .987 and only 5 errors. It make a huge difference that even though you can make nice plays at third, you still have to make the accurate throws to the correct bases.

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Jackie said...

Less sports. More Dan. I miss the Dan.

3:08 PM  

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