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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Deeee-troooiiiit Baskettttt-ballllll

Take that, Carlos and Darko!

Well, right on cue, the Pistons took care of two good opponents in two nights. First, they took care of the Dallas Mavericks, 92-82 in Dallas on Thursday night. Then, they flew to Orlando, and edged by the Orlando Magic on Friday, 87-83. Both wins were fueled by good shooting, and great rebounding, and the last one was on the strength of a 31 point effort by Chauncey Billups. So, after 2 sub par performances, the 'Stones put together two great ones, and now lead the division by 1/2 a game, and trail Orlando by 1 game for the conference lead.

The Wings have put together two more wins of their own, edging St. Louis at home on Thursday, 4-3 in overtime, after falling behind 3-0 in that game. Then they beat down the Toronto Maple Leafs today, 5-1. The turnaround in the last couple of days has been the improvement of both the powerplay and penalty kill units. Finally, the Wings are starting to play like the Wings of old, getting contributions from all 4 lines, and starting to click as a team.

Finally, Michigan also have won twice in the last 3 days, taking care of Miami(OH) in Miami, 62-56 on Thursday, and finishing off Delaware St., 70-43 today. And while Courtney Sims still is MIA from before the NC State game, the team in general keeps playing good defense, and they may be competitive in the Big 10 this year.

Well, that's it. I wish I had more to report, but it's mostly the same stuff, different day anyway. Arsenal v Chelsea @ Stamford Bridge tomorrow in a HUUUUGE match, and the Lions v Minnesota in a WHOOOOOO cares match. More tomorrow.


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