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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Arsenal wave goodbye to Cole, Reyes...

... but aren't you supposed to wave with all 5 fingers?

On the eve of the transfer window closing, the Arsenal get rid of two players who did not want to be in North London anyway. First, they send Reyes packing to Real Madrid in exchange for Baptista, which is a great deal, as Baptista brings us a little more muscle for Midfield/Striker support, and they were also able to finally send the little A.-Cole to Chelsea for Central Defender William Gallas and cash. That was unfortunate, because Cole is a class player, but it had to be done, with his mouth punching his ticket out of town (when you say lots of bad things about your employer, usually they don't stay "your employer" for much longer). Also, the Arsenal picked up young Defensive Midfielder Denilson, which will be a good signing, just a little further down the road.

Tigers lost another one today, 6-4 to the Yankees. When you can only muster 2 hits and 3 baserunners over 8 innings against a very solid Yankee ball club, that will usually end in tears. Ah, well, we're still in decent shape (AL best record only now, the Mets have a better record, percentage wise), we just need to pick it up to the finish line.

That's the news...


Blogger Jackie said...

Um, they have world championship basketball? And we got bronze?

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