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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Eat that one, Mike!

Anyway, the Tigers have had a horrible August to date, and it didn't help out today, as the Tigers lost the 1st game of the doubleheader against the Yankees, 2-0. In another "Nate Robertson special" (so dubbed because this is a typical Tigers performance when LHP Nate Robertson is pitching for them) we allow 2 runs, which should be enough to win, and all we get offensively are two lousy hits (insert "Major League" quote here). I just hope we can take the night cap, and tomorrow's game against the Yanks, otherwise our MLB lead will be down to 2 games.

The Lions stink. Just plain stink. And tomorrow maybe the last time that Charles Rogers and Mike Williams get to stink in the infamous honalulu blue and silver. I just want to see improvement, that's all. I know it's still pre-season, but I really want to see improvement. Tackle. Gain yards, score points offensively. Don't do an impression of a sieve on special teams. Is that really too much to ask?? (Probably, but what can you do...)

And finally (in news that James doesn't care about) Arsenal may be set to send F/M Jose Antonio Reyes to Real Madrid afterall, in exchange for F/M Julio "the Beast" Baptista and 3M£. Well if he doesn't want to play in England anymore, I guess that's ok, but he was a terrific winger, and it's too bad he couldn't settle in away from home. Unlike Ass-shley Cole, who looks like he will stay a Gunner after all. Oh, well, he is a good left back and all, I GUESS we can find room for him on our squad, especially since we've taken 1 point from 6 (horrible).

Ok, enough from me. Thanks for reading!

The Tigers have just taken game 2 from the Yankees, thanks to the dramatic 3-run homerun in the top of the 9th by Craig Monroe!!!!! 5-3 Tigers. I'm pretty excited. "we're all behind our baseball team..."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony, Tony, hey, Tony, Tony. Nothing like TK Stack Money.

It's not looking tremendoulsy well for our Tigers. It's time to kick it into gear.

With the Lions, like I've said before, the preseason doesn't matter. Rogers will play for his job this weekend as he is expected to get extensive time in that game.

And I've forgotten about the third item.

9:32 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...


Go futbol!

12:01 AM  

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