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Friday, October 06, 2006 wow wow wow wow

Well, it is fair to say that the Tigers have found their pitchers again. Detroit just beat the Yankees 6-0, on the strength of 7.2 innings of GREAT pitching by Kenny Rogers. The 'chicken man' was dealing some heat tonight, tossing 8 strikeouts, and reaching 91 on the radar gun (which is a lot to ask of the 41 year old). Detroit now has a 2-1 series lead on the Yanks, with tomorrow afternoon's game looming large, and the importance will not be lost on either team. I believe the best shot Detroit has to make it to the next round is to win tomorrow. If they have to go back to the Bronx for game 5, all bets are off. Nonetheless, this will be an exciting 48 hours. The hero of the game was obviously Rogers, who scattered 5 hits across his 7 innings. However, this game marked the return of the Ivan Rodriguez offense that had been missing for the first couple games, and the 5-6-7 combo of Guillen-Rodriguez-Casey combined to go 6-for-ll, with 4 runs, 3 RBI, and a walk. Wow...wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow. I'm still pumped.

*we're all behind our baseball team....go get 'em, Tigers....*


Anonymous Josh said...

As I said on the phone, that was an AMAZING performance. I've never seen Comerica Park that electric - the fans, the players, everything about it...and as an added bonus, 3 innings of Ernie Harwell (1 radio, 2 TV).

By the way...were you wowed by the game??

11:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched Dr. Who.

3:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the best performance I have ever seen. I can't believe he topped out at 93 mph. I would have loved to have been there!!!

10:52 AM  
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