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Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm lazy....sue me

Yeah, Yeah, I know 'you should post more often' blah blah blah....I was busy this week, and by busy, I mean lazy, but let me catch you up to speed real quick...

Tigers: Hitting coach Don Slaught retired to spend more time with his kids in California. His position was filled by last years bullpen coach Lloyd McClendon, who's position was filled by AAA Toledo's pitching coach, Jeff Jones. Everybody in the Detroit organization seems to be getting promotions, which is a good thing. A West Michigan manager Matt Walbeck is now AA Erie manager Matt Walbeck, and Tom Brookens gets a bump from A Lakeland to A West Michigan, as manager. And finally, RHP Justin Verlander was voted in as the AL rookie of the year by his peers. Hopefully MLB will recognize him in the same fashion in a couple of weeks.

Wings: Cannot stop winning (which is a good thing). First, they take care of Chicago, 2-1, last Thursday; next was Columbus, going down 4-1 to the Wings on Saturday; and finally it was Edmonton, the last team to beat the Wings, but not this time as they got shut out 3-0. I'm not exactly sure why the Wings are starting to dominate again, but I really don't care, as long as they keep churning out the 'W''s.

Pistons: Have not had the greatest of starts. They beat Boston on Friday, 101-88 and then took care of Memphis 95-86, but then they ran into the Utah buzz saw (103-101), and also have fallen to Sacramento (99-86). Part of the early season problems with the Pistons have been the new techincal foul rules for arguing with officials (although it is a bit ridiculous when Rasheed gets teed up for making the 'and 1' gesture), but that will change. The bench has played very well to start the season, but the starting frontcourt has been off and on (case in point: Prince, Mohammed and Wallace combined for 8 points in the loss to Sacramento). At this point, it's difficult seeing the Pistons as anything but a middle of the road team, but as we've seen with the Wings, there's plenty of season left, and you can always get hot and string together a bunch of wins.

Lions: Won AGAIN! Defeating Atlanta 30-14. And they actually looked like a complete football team, even though they had a bunch of starters out with Injuries/suspension. Jon Kitna looks like the best signing in the history of the Lions (if you don't count signing Barry Sanders shortly after drafting him). Roy Williams is starting to play like the star everyone thought he would be, and Kevin Jones just ate up yards on the ground. There is still plenty of room for improvement on this team, but with the next three games being San Francisco, Arizona, and Miami, we could be looking at a 5-6 record going to New England (yikes). But, one game at a time (fingers crossed)...

Michigan hung onto its undefeated season (barely) beating Ball State 34-26, having to do so by stopping Ball State 7 times inside the 10 yardline, and surviving a last-gasp hail mary. Ugly, ugly, fugly game. But a win is a win, and they are still on a collision course with Ohio State at the end of the season. Hopefully we put in a better effort against Indiana this weekend.

(James can stop reading here---------------------------------------------------)

And finally, Arsenal have had a mixed bag of a week, losing to West Ham United 1-0 on Sunday (a game they fully should've won, or at least drew) and beating Everton in the Carling Cup 1-0 on a very late goal from Emmanual Adebayor (just like the Man U. game - apparently this guy can only score late on). With a big clash this Sunday vs. Liverpool, we'll see if we can move up the table, and contend for the Premiership title (currently 5th).

I'm really trying to do this more, really, I am...


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