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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm Baaaaaaccccckkkkkk!

I think I'm gonna change my blogging format a bit, talking only about news worthy articles, instead of the scores from the past night. Also, it probably won't be a daily blog anymore, but maybe more entertaining/informative. With that in mind...

How bad will the so-called 'National Championship' game be? According to Brad Gerick of 'The Mountain Echo', "Troy Smith and Teddy Ginn Jr. are going to stomp on Florida like King Kong on the purple Teletubby", and I completely agree with this sentiment. Read his entire article about the joke of Florida as "number 2" here

That's really all I got. Glad to be out of Colorado (the airport situation was a mess, but they did the best job they could getting people out of there), and hoping everyone's Christmas went well.


Anonymous Brad Gerick said...

Thanks for the props man. Let's hope the Big Ten represents like it's supposed to.

1:07 AM  
Anonymous Brad again said...

Left my e-mail this time just so you knew it was really me.

2:30 PM  

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