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Monday, October 08, 2007

Decent weekend, not as good as last weekend.

Well, 2 teams held up their end of the bargain...

Michigan beat Eastern Michigan 33-22, who played Big Blue tough, and tested our reserves (who were thrust into action because of injury), but in the end, the Eagles were no match for Mike Hart, who had 214 yards and 3 TD's in the win. A game we should've won by a greater margain, but you take what you can. Purdue is up next week, and it should be an interesting game (I'm more worried about the Illinois game in 2 weeks, but that's for another blog).

Arsenal took care of business, barely, 3-2 over Sunderland at home. The hosts were up 2-0 on goals by Robin Van Persie and Phillipe Senderos, but Sunderland (currently near the bottom of the table) didn't give up without a fight, and leveled the score just after halftime. Van Persie completed the brace 10 minutes from time however, to save Arsenal's blushes. This week is an off week due to internationals, (hopefully no one gets hurt), and then we have a champion's league match against slavia praha, and are away to Bolton. So we'll have to see if we can continue this amazing run of form that we are currently on.

And then... there are the Lions... *sigh*. I was hoping we could sweep the 'old' Lions under the rug with a win at DC, but the old Lions and the new Lions are strikingly familiar. This team this year is more frustrating, because they're going good game/bad game, from week to week. They too have a bye this week, so let's hope they can fix their non-existant running game, pass rush... and maybe see if they can find their offensive line somewhere (i know, a bit of a stretch). 34-3 is just pitiful, no matter where they lose the game.

Besides that, MLB playoffs going well, if only the Yankees would've lost last night, the final four would be the teams I picked... stupid yankees. Hopefully they lose tonight...stupid yankees. (psssst - yankees suck!)

And on a brighter note, I went 12-1 yesterday picking NFL games. (Eat it, Mike!!!!!!) ok, that's all for now. Red Wings update perhaps tonight, perhaps tomorrow, just depends on when I feel like doing it. Thanks, as always, for reading!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, how does that 7-6 (presumably) feel after 12-1?

8:13 PM  

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