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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I knew 3-0 was too good to be true...

Well, as usual, I got caught drinking the honolulu blue and silver kool-aid, or put the glasses on... because I thought this year might be different... but after the butt-kicking we got in philly, it just seems like this team will never change. Damn. Hopefully they can prove me wrong against the bears this week, but it just seems like we've been here before...

It seems as if either michigan is back to their old ways (of winning), or penn st. was waaaaaaaaaay overrated, as the maize and blue took care of business at home, 14-9. Freshman QB Ryan Mallett is now 2-0 as a michigan starter, but I would expect Chad Henne back under center this weekend against Northwestern. Hopefully the defense continues playing well, and the offense gets it done, too! go Blue!!

Arsenal keep winning, beating Derby 5-0 on saturday, and then taking out newcastle united in the carling cup, 2-0, using their backups instead of their starters. I know it's still early, and football is a marathon, and not a sprint, but this season could be special.

I would post a you tube of the month tomorrow, but i'll be in CEDAR POINT!!!!!!!!! so it will have to be next week.

Go michigan, go Lions, go Arsenal



Blogger Tondar said...

Give up the Lions. You can ride shagga on the Tennessee Titans bandwagon with me (only because I remember how YOU drive).

1:02 AM  

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