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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Daily updates

We'll start off with yesterday's games...

The Red Wings have won their 8th straight game, defeating Nashville 3-0. The Wings, it seems, have finally settled into a groove, taking less penalties, converting more on the power play, and getting better goaltending from The Dominator. They don't have 1 guy dominating on offense, but they seem to be getting contributions from everyone, and that has been the Wings' story when they go far into the playoffs. We still need to get more from Pavel Datsyuk, though, as he has been kind of quiet so far this year, but the rest of the team is picking up the slack, and I'm sure he'll come around.

The Pistons were able to defeat the LA Lakers last night, 97-83. Tayshaun Prince was on fire, going for 31 points, which was what the Pistons needed, as they were without the services of Richard 'Rip' Haaaaaaaamiltonnnnnnnn. And it seems Prince did a fine job on defense as well, holding Kobe Bryant to 19 points, and having his own fans boo him around halftime. We'll see if we can finally start a win streak, and get out of this yo-yo season we've started out to, as we play at Golden State tonight (again, minus Hamilton).

And The U-M basketball team started off the season on a good note on Friday, beating Central Connecticut 60-40 at Crisler Arena. Michgan started off cold, and had some turnovers, but were able to overcome their early mistakes, and take care of business. On Saturday, it was seniors Dion Harris and Courtney Sims making the difference, as Michigan defeated Davidson 78-68. Harris had 23 points, and Sims chipped in 21 of his own to help the Wolverines stay undefeated in the early goings. Tomorrow will see the hoopsters going up against Eastern Michigan. Should be a win, but that's why the game isn't played on paper. More on that tomorrow.

Speaking of undefeated, the Wolverines' football team's record stayed unblemished, as they beat Indiana 34-3. This game was a rout from the word go, and it enabled the Wolverines to rest some players late in the game, and keep them healthy for next week's battle at #1 Ohio State. Should be a great one, and I cannot wait.

Well, that's all for now, 'Stones update, Arsenal update, Lions update, U-M hoops update coming tomorrow...


Anonymous James said...

Let's not talk about the Piston performance on Saturday night. It's amazing with college football as Notre Dame will probably move up to six and get a good BCS Bowl especially if they beat USC (who will jump all the way to four by the way).

10:53 AM  

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