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Friday, December 29, 2006

Good news all around

Well, a couple of good pieces of information have come along the past couple of days...

University of Michigan junior RB Mike Hart has announced that he will also return for his senior season, joining QB Chad Henne, and OL Jake Long in the 'stay in school' club. Hopefully junior LB Shawn Crable thinks it's a noble cause, and will join in the crusade as well, especially with all the good talent that will be leaving the defense due to graduation ( ie Leon Hall, Lamarr Woodley, David Harris, Alan Branch etc). Amazing that kids will stick around four years, eh? Well, that's the future, but we still would like to take care of USC in the present. Hopefully we will be fired up for this game, and pretend that the Trojans voted in both polls to keep us out of the title game. Then we'll see what tune the so-called experts are singing afterwards.

And I said 'a couple of good pieces of info' so here's the second one. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger announced today that he's gonna start Julio Baptista in tomorrow's game against Sheffield United, marking only the third time the Brazilian will be starting for the Gunners. I say this is a good thing because he is the kind of presence that Arsenal has been lacking in the attacking third of the pitch. He's very strong in the air, he plays a much more physical game than any other striker that we have, and he's not afraid to shoot from distance, and won't always look to make the perfect pass into the 6 yard box. This is something that Arsenal has been lacking, we tend to try and 'walk the ball into the net', instead of having a go from the 16-25 yard range. So, hopefully we will get to see some of that skill come out tomorrow, and bring home a 'W' from Bramall Lane, and edge closer to Cheatski/ManUre. Well, that's all for now. Enjoy your New Years Weekend!


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