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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Why can't U-M basketball be more like U-M football?

The inconsistency of the Michigan Men's basketball program will keep them out of the NCAA tournament - again. That, and lack of talent and the fact that COURTNEY SIMS KEEPS DISAPPEARING IN THE BIG GAMES!!!!! The only exception to that was the Indiana game, when he didn't start, he came in off the bench, and was huge for us down the stretch (offensively, at least, and did ok against DJ White, but disappeared when Michael White was tearing us apart, but I digress...). I don't understand this team. No, we don't have the most talent in the Big 10, but how do we lose games which we have big leads, against teams that have less or as much talent as we do (NC State, Iowa, I'm looking in your direction). And how do we play Ohio State oh so close, yet get blown out by UCLA and Georgetown, both of whom I would consider inferior to OSU?? How does this happen? And don't even get me started on the way we played against MSU, including the fact that we refused to go down low with the ball. One of Courtney Sims, Epke Udoh, and Brent Petway should've touched the ball EVERY time we had the ball. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Now, after today's win at Minnesota (more convincing than the home win (by 1) aganst them earlier in the season), we're 1 win shy of 20, with Games v MSU and @ OSU, and to get into the tournament, we need to beat State, at least, and win 2 games in the tournament. If we don't win either of our two remaining games (and I'm assuming that the OSU game is a loss), then we won't make it, barring a tournament championship (which would be a miracle in it's own right). Consistancy. That's all I ask for (and not being consistanly terrible, that's not an option). The only way this gets better, in my opinion, is if we start treating basketball like a football equal (which hasn't happened so far - just take a look at Crisler Arena for proof), and get a basketball coach who only cares about winning. Someone like Tom Izzo, who ALWAYS gets the best out of his players (like this season) instead of Amaker, who I really do like, but it seems like his teams always underachieve (1 NCAA appearance out of 9 (or 10) seasons).

Well, here's hoping for the best, and getting to see U-M (finally) back in the Tournament.



Blogger millers football said...

Tommy Amaker is supposed to this great recruiter and an average coach. But his recruiting has been average and his coaching is below average.He has had his chance for how many years? He seems like a good guy but nice guys finish last.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Josh said...

I think if we beat the suckeyes on Saturday, we may get in without making too much noise in the Big 10 tourney...though a couple of wins there would certainly help...

10:08 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

COURTNEY is a girls name.

3:13 PM  

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