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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thanks, Stevie!

Last night, in a sold-out Joe Louis Arena, the number 19 was properly put away for the last time. Steve Yzerman's jersey will now hang from the rafters at the Joe Louis Arena, never to be worn again. The way it should be. This man embodied everything you wanted your superstar athletes to be. He was humble, trying never to be "The Captain" with his voice, but with the way he played on the ice. When he spoke, it was never an 'in your face' yelling way, but quietly, and to the point. And he played the sport like it was meant to be played. 100% at all time, doing whatever the team needed to win. Personal accolades were not meaningful, just championships. And money was really not that important. I'm not sure if there will ever be another player, in any sport, like Steve Yzerman, but the fact that I was able to witness first hand one of the best athletes in Detroit sports history means a lot to me. And I just want to say 'thanks'. Thanks for playing the game the right way, for giving joy to people everywhere (mostly in Detroit), and for being 'The Captain', for sticking around when maybe you could've cashed in elsewhere. And thanks to the Red Wings for recognizing that, and recoginizing you one last time.


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