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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sorry for the delay, slow week

Well, last weekend was a slow sports week. The Lions didn't play, Arsenal didn't play, and Michigan played Pur-don't, and promptly had the game won before halftime. Hence, no post.

The Red Wings have been playing pretty good lately, although they can't seem to beat the Blackhawks. Blah. Pistons are in pre-season mode, don't really care about them quite yet. So no news.

Except for this: My friend Jackie got interviewed by another literary blog! That's fairly exciting, since I've never been interviewed for anything. Even if it is for a book blog :-p (just kidding :-) ).

This weekend will be a good one, though, as the Lions welcome Jeff Garcia and the Tampa Bay Bucs into town, and hopefully give them a lovely parting gift - a loss. Arsenal returns from international break minus 2 starters, striker Robin Van Persie, and central defender Phillipe Senderos, as they head to the NE to play Bolton. I hate Michael Bolton, I hope they kick him in the nuts... wait, it's a different Bolton? oh, well I hope they lose too. Wings continue their west coast swing Tonight in San Jose, and Michigan plays under the lights against Illinois, and put their new, shiny #25 ranking on the line as well. I think they'll be ok, but we'll have to see. And that's it!

More posting goodness for you this weekend. Oh boy, oh boy...


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