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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bye, Bye Tommy!

Well, the other shoe has dropped. Michigan announced on Saturday that they were parting ways with Tommy Amaker, who led the Wolverine basketball team for the last 6 years. There were a lot of excuses for why he might have gotten fired, but the bottom line was that his in-game coaching costed U-M numerous games, and AD Bill Martin didn't think that it was going to get any better (which I agree with). Now, the question becomes 'who will be the next basketball coach at U-M?' I would've liked to see us go after Tubby Smith, but apparently he will be in Minnesota next year, which sucks. So, who else is left? Well, if you look through all the rubbish, it appears that Michigan will go after a mid-major coach, one who has had some success the past couple of years. Names escape me right now, but here are a couple of mid-major schools that have had some success the past couple years, and that I would like to see us talk to. Butler has been doing well recently, as well as Creighton, Mark Few from Gonzaga, Nevada, and Southern Illinois all have coaches that I feel we should be talking to. It would be hard to hire a big-name coach, due to our lack of Basketball facilities, and the general consensus that we don't give a crap about basketball, and we need someone with a good record to make sure our recruits do not change their mind and head to a different school. So we shall see awfully soon if we will get a quality coach, or turn our program back 5 more years...hopefully, the boosters will open their wallet for the b-ball team, and get some new facilities asap. But probably not till after the football stadium renovation....damn...


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