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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Singing the U-M go Blues

Well, U-M wanted to go to the Big Dance, but once again, looks like they will not be invited. After winning their first round matchup against Minnesota in the Big Ten Tournament (albeit in sloppy fashion), Michigan fell in the second round to Ohio St., for the 3rd time this year. And it seems that we are destined for another trip to the NIT. Blah. Which all leads to the big question: Will Tommy Amaker be around next year? He's a really 'nice' guy, he cleaned the program up while we were on probation, he's an ok recruiter (2 big names coming in for next year, Alex Legion and 'Manny' Harris). However, all of his teams have underachieved in his 6 years at Michigan, and there is a distinct lack of finishing from his teams. There is no way we should blow big leads against NC State and Iowa, we should've finished off Ohio St. at home, and we needed to make closer games out of UCLA and Georgetown (getting blown out by 40+, reguardless of location, is unacceptable). The problem with firing Amaker is finding someone better to replace him. I'm not sure even where to start. Maybe if Tubby Smith was let go at Kentucky, but other than that, I'm not sure. But one thing is certain - we need to change the culture at Michigan, before it starts getting labeled as a 'football school', and all the best basketball recruits avoid it like the plague, and pull a Greg Oden and go to OSU...we can't let that happen. We demand excellence in our students, we should also demand excellence in our athletic programs. And if Tommy Amaker cannot deliver that excellence, then a change has to be made.


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