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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

*Whispering* Millen might actually be having a good offseason (so far)


As of right now, Matt Millen is having the best off-season of his tenure. Why might I say such blasphemy? Well, for starters, he has been able to sign some free agents, without horrendously overpaying them. The deals I've seen for RB TJ Duckett, WR Shaun McDonald, DE Dewayne White, and newly signed CB Travis Fisher all look like reasonable deals. Not to mention trading parts that do not fit the Lions' defensive scheme for personnel/picks of value. The Dre' Bly trade for OT George Foster and RB Tatum Bell plus a draft pick was great, and getting another draft pick for DE James Hall was also good. We now have 10 draft picks, which we can use to trade up/down, or just try to get 10 good players for the picks. Now if Millen's scouting is as good as his wheeling and dealing has been thus far this off-season, maybe Lions fans can step away from the ledge, or at the very least, stop wearing paper bags as hats to the Lions games. One can only hope...


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