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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Beilein's the man...

According to several sources, and as reported by both Detroit papers, it appears that West Virginia's coach, John Beilein will be named the next head coach for the U-M Men's basketball team. Beilein, 54, has been coaching for 29 years, and has a winning record in 26 of the 29. His Mountaineer basketball team was just crowned the NIT champions. And his offensive gameplanning is unique, and will fit well in Ann Arbor. But for him to be a successful coach, and to succeed where Tommy Amaker has failed, he will need to a) recruit well in Detroit and Flint, as we need to keep some of our state talent in-state; b) keep the recruits that Amaker had coming in for next year (all 3 are undecided at this point); and c) make it to the NCAA more NIT. Although he wasn't my first choice for head coach (I would've preferred SIU's Chris Lowery), I think that he can be an effective coach. That being said, we still need to get the money together to upgrade Crisler Arena, or else Coach K could come into Michigan, and it wouldn't make a lick of difference. But at least this looks like a step in the right direction...


Blogger Tondar said...

I bet Coach K could make a lick of difference. He would have injured Oden and we could have grabbed a few more wins down the stretch.

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