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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Umm, Chicago, you realize the series started on SATURDAY, right...

Well, this is the most lopsided 2 games to open a playoff series that I have ever seen. On Saturday night, the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls started what many had predicted to be an epic 2nd round affair between 2 of the better teams in the East. Well, many had predicted wrong, at least so far... Detroit is heading to Chicago with a 2 games to 0 lead, after totally and utterly dismantling the Bulls in both games at the Palace. On Saturday night, it was the Chauncey and Rip show, with the Pistons backcourt duo dropping in 20 points apiece to lead the Pistons to a 95-69 victory. 5 Pistons had double digit points, and did not allow Chicago's 2 big scorers (Luol Deng and Ben Gordon) to beat them (Deng led all Bulls scorers with 18; Gordon had 7; only 2 Bulls recorded double digit points). After the game, everybody thought the Bulls would come out with more passion, and if they were to lose, they would make it a close game, because of their horrendous game 1. WRONG!!! Game 2 final, 108-87, with the Bulls not doing anything to make their fans forget about game 1. This time, it was Pistons forwards Chris Webber and Tayshaun Prince doing all the damage, with Prince going for 25 points, and Webber contributing 22 of his own. So the 'series' moves to Chicago for Thursday and Saturday night games, with the question of 'Will Chicago make it a series?' I personally would rather see the Pistons sweep aside the Bulls, and prepare for the winner of the Cleveland/New Jersey series, but I can't imagine the Bulls playing as bad as they did in Detroit. But I couldn't imagine it before the series started either, so we'll just have to see if the 'Stones get a vacation, or if they may actually have to work before the conference finals.

In other sports news, the Red Wings are moving onto the conference finals themselves, taking care of the San Jose sharks last night, 2-0, and now will meet Anaheim on Friday. Mikael Samuelsson scored both goals in the 1st period, and Dominick Hasek became 'the Dominator' once again in net for the Wings, stopping all 20 shots that he faced in the shutout victory. With the Wings Defense ailing due to all the injuries sustained, it will be nice to have this 3 day break in between series, and this Ducks series should be just as good as the one we just finished with the Sharks. And hopefully, we'll get the same result out of this one as well.

I'm thinking about doing a movie review segment either tomorrow or Thursday, of recent films I've seen in the theater...stay tuned!


Anonymous Josh said...

FYI-Dom stopped 28 shots, not 20, but it was a marvelous game nonetheless - and if Princesa reads this, give the guy a break, would ya?

1:25 PM  
Blogger Princesa said...

I'll give him a break at some point in time. He wouldn't know what to do with himself if I wasn't harassing him. Right Dan? Haha!

12:04 PM  

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