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Friday, May 18, 2007

Done being Bull-ied

Well, the Pistons finally ended their 2nd round series against the Chicago Bulls, with a solid 95-85 win at the United Center last night. With the defense again coming though, putting the clamps on Ben Gordon, Kirk Heinrich, and Luol Deng, the Pistons led for most of the game, and await the winner of the Cleveland-New Jersey series. 4 of 5 Piston starters scored in double figures, and the defense came up huge, especially in the 2nd half, and allowed the Pistons to finish the series.
It wasn't all good news for Detroit teams, though, as the Wings fell 5-3 to the Ducks, and the Tigers lost both games of a day-night Double header against the Boston Red Sox. But the most important game was won, and I guess that's all that counts. The Wings resume their series Sunday afternoon, looking to be on the right side of a 3-2 series count.
Yeah, I would post more, but I got nothin, except for this awesome YouTube clip: Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin - the video game. Check it out.


Blogger Ang said...

Woo hoo Pistons :)

I fancy such a youtube matchup between Ewoks and Care Bears. The Ewoks use guns but I doubt that would be any match for the Care Bear Stare.

9:38 PM  
Blogger Princesa said...

"Done being Bull-ied"??? That's gay... you're silly

4:02 PM  

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